Top Features of Noise-Cancellation Tyres

Ever since early humankind invented the wheel, people have been having to repair them. Until last year, I didn't know much about wheels. All that changed when I had to buy new wheels for my car. I took it to a tyre specialist who recommended the best type of tyre for my vehicle. However, while looking at my tyres, the mechanic also noticed that my wheels were misaligned. He realigned the wheels and fitted new tyres. He also took the time to explain the steps I could take to care for the tyres and wheels on my car. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Top Features of Noise-Cancellation Tyres

18 November 2020
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Electric cars are some of the quietest vehicles in the market. Unfortunately, most people that own electric vehicles fit them with cheap tyres, which is akin to a professional athlete slipping their feet in a $20 pair of trainers and expecting to perform well. Electric cars are appealing for different reasons, but driving them on cheap tyres negates their desirable attributes. However, their quiet engines make road noise noticeable, which is easily amplified by cheap tyres. Therefore, if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an electric car, there is no reason to skimp on the tyres. As such, careful tyre selection is crucial if you are looking for a quiet ride in an electric vehicle. This article highlights key features to look for in noise-cancellation tyres.

Hash Marks Inside Tyre Grooves  

As you cruise down a highway, air flows inside tyre grooves and creates a high-pitched whistling noise. Unfortunately, it interferes with a quiet ride. Noise cancellation tyres are designed with small hash marks inside the tire grooves to break airflow. It prevents the tyres from creating the whining noise, guaranteeing a quieter ride in an electric car. Therefore, inspect tyre grooves for hash marks when buying low noise tyres to get value for money.  

Semi-Closed Shoulders 

Tyre shoulders can be closed, semi-closed, or open. However, most car owners believe that the different shoulder designs regard the grip of tyres on varying road conditions. For instance, tyres with open shoulders are the best for off-roading since they provide better traction, while closed shoulders are suited for highway driving. Nonetheless, the tyre shoulder design also dictates the level of noise produced. Tyres with open shoulders are typically less stable and tend to squirm when in contact with the road, making them noisier. Additionally, the large spaces create an echo effect, especially on low-quality roads. On the other hand, road contact with semi-closed tyre shoulders is smoother, which leads to a quieter ride.

Varied Tread Block Shapes  

Manufacturers have traditionally designed tyres with similar tread blocks for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, the uniformity in tread block shape produces harmonic sound, hampering the desire for a quiet ride. Tyres with varying tread block shapes create noise at different pitches; however, it is not a problem because the different pitches cancel each other out, consequently making the noise from the tyres less noticeable. Therefore, the more varied the tread blocks are, the quieter the tyres.

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