Ever since early humankind invented the wheel, people have been having to repair them. Until last year, I didn't know much about wheels. All that changed when I had to buy new wheels for my car. I took it to a tyre specialist who recommended the best type of tyre for my vehicle. However, while looking at my tyres, the mechanic also noticed that my wheels were misaligned. He realigned the wheels and fitted new tyres. He also took the time to explain the steps I could take to care for the tyres and wheels on my car. I hope you enjoy the blog.

What does a Tyre Safety Inspection Involve?

12 February 2018
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A critical part of safe driving is having the right type of tyres and making sure they are in good condition. Tyres contribute significantly to how safely you can manoeuvre your vehicle in different road conditions. They determine how quickly you can stop, how much traction you have on wet roads, and how well you can make sharp/sudden turns when you need to avoid a collision. Therefore, your tyres need to be regularly inspected to ensure they have the right pressure, treading, and alignment. Read More …