Ever since early humankind invented the wheel, people have been having to repair them. Until last year, I didn't know much about wheels. All that changed when I had to buy new wheels for my car. I took it to a tyre specialist who recommended the best type of tyre for my vehicle. However, while looking at my tyres, the mechanic also noticed that my wheels were misaligned. He realigned the wheels and fitted new tyres. He also took the time to explain the steps I could take to care for the tyres and wheels on my car. I hope you enjoy the blog.

What Happens If Your Tyre’s Inner Tube Is Damaged?

12 May 2022
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Potholes are far too common on the average Australian road, and the authorities often struggle to keep up with the right level of maintenance. Yet these holes are more than simply a distraction or an annoyance, as in certain circumstances, they can actually cause damage to your vehicle's tyres. What can happen, and what can you do to avoid such an issue? Normal Operation The tyres fitted to your vehicle are very well engineered and designed to last a long time with only gradual deterioration. Read More …