Castor Wheeled Gates: 3 Common Issues

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Castor Wheeled Gates: 3 Common Issues

12 September 2017
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Gates fitted with castor wheels have become an increasingly popular choice for many Australian property owners. This type of gate is easier to open manually and can be easily controlled by just one person. However, now and again, you may encounter a problem with your gates which make them difficult to open. Below is a guide to some common issues which can lead to problems which will help you to get your wheeled gate operational again. 

The wheel width

You should also consider the how wide the castor wheel is. Castor wheels which have a larger width generate a much larger surface area. The larger the surface area of the wheel, the greater the level of friction and grip will be. This increased resistance can make opening and closing the gate difficult. If the problem is the width of the wheel, you should find it difficult to move the gate even when you have built up a little momentum. Castor wheels with a large width are also more susceptible to the impact of any dirt and debris which sticks to the large wheel surface. If you are experiencing problems such as these, you should consider installing narrower castor wheels on your gate. 

The wheel diameter

The diameter of the castor wheel can have a big impact on how easy it is to open or close your gate. If the gate is fitted with wheels which have a very small diameter, it may be difficult to get the gate moving. However, once you have some momentum, you should be able to do it. Regardless of this, it can require quite a bit of muscle power to get the gate moving in the first place. If you find that it 's hard to get the gate moving, you should consider investing in castor wheels which have a larger diameter.

The strength of the spring

If your wheeled gate was installed on an uneven surface, it is likely that the manufacturer has fitted castor wheels which contain springs. These springs are designed to ensure that the wheel is always in touch with the ground, even when going over depressions and bumps. However, if the spring contains too much tension, it may be pressing down and acting as a brake. If this is occurring, you will find that it is hard to open or close the gate but may notice that it becomes momentarily easier when you hit a bump or depression in the ground. If this is the case, you will need to replace the springs.

For further information, you should contact a professional castor wheel company.